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Item Code : KT-006
Item Name : Sonic Blade
Description :

The Sonic Blade is the only cordless knife out there that has Super Sonic Slicing Powers!

The Sonic Blade features "non-compression sonic separation?technology so that you can cut through both hard and soft foods without smashing, crushing or breaking them apart. With ordinary knives, you have to push down on the blade and make a sawing motion to cut through your foods. Unfortunately when you do this, the downward pressure makes you compress and destroy virtually anything you cut. This is why you often will get ragged edges, uneven cuts or smashed food.

The Sonic Blade has an electric powered blade that requires no downward pressure from your part and you can cut through virtually any food and get a perfect slice ever time. Whether it is hard foods like meat or really soft foods like cake, the Sonic Blade is the best cutting solution.
Sonic Blade is the only cordless knife with Super Sonic Slicing Power!

The Sonic Blade does all the work! Even if you have never used an electric knife before, you'll love the fast and simple ease of the Sonic Blade!