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Item Code : KT-005
Item Name : Fasta Pasta
Description :

Fasta Pasta is the way to go if you want perfectly cooked and quick pasta. The Fasta Pasta allows you to cook your pasta in the microwave so that you can save time, energy and water. Compared to the 20 minutes it takes to boil water on a conventional stove plus the 10 minutes of cooking and stirring the pasta, the Fasta Pasta will cook the same amount of Pasta in approximately 15 minutes! You will be saving up to 15 minutes of cooking. That is 15 minutes more you can use to eat or 15 minutes less of your family asking you "is dinner ready yet?".

The Fasta Pasta is perfect for the hard-working as well as the college students who don't have a stove but still like spaghetti. Try the Fasta Pasta today!

Fasta Pasta Features :

  • Water level guides to indicate the amount of water needed.
  • Measuring holes in the lid.
  • Lid also functions as a colander for straining.
  • Requires around 10 minutes to cook pasta compared to the 20 minutes to boil water on a conventional stove.