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Item Code : HH-010
Item Name : Caulk Dr. Pro
Description :

Caulk Dr. PRO It's finally time to replace that discolored, mildewy old caulking! This doctor has the perfect prescription for all your caulking ills! This kit is all you need to professionally resor the caulk around tubs, sinks, backsplashes, doors, windows and more. The V-shaped Caulk Dr. PRO is the perfect solution, the wings and sharp point quickly and easily remove even the most stubborn caulk, without scratching!


The pick point reaches into the tightest corners. So stop using screwdrivers and razor blades to remove old caulk. Caulk Dr. PRO's patented design smoothes out the roughest bead of caulk with unbelievable ease, forcing caulk deep into cracks for a complete seal. Run Caulk Rite along any bead and you'll transform the bumpy mess into a super smooth bead. No more messy fingers or clothes. Easy to use. Recaulk in the bathroom or kitchen like a pro with Dap Kwik Seal Plus with microbann to help deter mold and mildew.