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Item Code : HH-007
Item Name : Handy Switch
Description :

Handy Switch the latest revolutionary wireless technology using which you can control your electrical appliances from anywhere in your house. easy to use and simple to install.


Don't play hide and seek in the dark to swith on the light! Can't get down the bed to swith off/on the fan? Dont worry!! Handy Switch the amazing remote control light switch helps you in turning on any electrical appliance in any room! Its very simple. Just plug the reciever into an outlet, and plug your lamp into the reciever, and use the remote to swith on/off your lights. Perfect for children, old people or for the ones who can't move easily.

Each switch comes with a special adhesive that lets you stick your Handy Switch to any surface, then remove and re-use in any location you choose. Stick it to your nightstand, in dark hallways, in children's rooms or even in your car. Receiver has nightlight feature, perfect for the elderly and small children! Handy Switch range is approximately 60 feet and uses a powerful radio frequency that penetrates walls. Works only with lamps that plug into the wall.