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Item Code : HH-005
Item Name : Clapper Switch
Description :

It's back and even better than before! Now the Clapper can control 1 or 2 appliances at the same time. It's as simple as 2 claps for the first port, and 3 claps for the second port. The adjustable sound sensitivity allows you to set for up close to far away claps, or for any sound to activate them. The Clapper plugs into any standard wall outlet. The Clapper can handle up to 400 watts both outlets (3.33 amps), which gives you enough power to run TVs, lights, and more! It's simply the best gift for all ages.


  • Clap detection lights glow in sequence when claps are detected.
  • Adjustable sensitivity sound control for softer or louder claps and AWAY setting activates with the detection of any sound.
  • Indicator lights glow when a connected appliance is clapped off.
  • Controls 1 or 2 appliances - 2 clap outlet, 3 clap outlet.
  • No batteries required.
  • Easy to use.