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Item Code : CP-001
Item Name : Blackberry 8830
Description : Do you need the world literally at your fingertips? We can do you one better. With the Blackberry 8830, you can access the web, play media clips, type on a QWERTY keyboard to stay in touch, make the most of Bluetooth's hands-free technology, send and receive e-mails and instant messages with just a few clicks, and rest assured that you're on the right path with the aid of Blackberry Maps. Do all of this from your couch or the concord because this phone works all over the world—it was the first CDMA smartphone that will roam with you wherever you go—be it the ballpark or British Columbia. No changes in phones, e-mail addresses, numbers, or carriers. It's the elegant and stylish choice for your multi-tasking life. *Please note that this phone does not have a camera.